open mic night is changing

Friday night is all about our Open Mic. Established for 6 years now and proud to say Friday is still all about live music. Our open mic hosts some of the finest talent around. It is yet another great night in our great music city. Every Friday we transform from an Olde traditional pub with great beer and great food, into a venue that is serious about music and having fun. Bands form, ideas are shared and life changing projects are born. If you are looking to play or better still, know someone that can play and sing......... In tune! Just call Martin Robinson on 01727 869152 or email him at to book a slot. We will be making a charity album from the better acts of 2017. It will get publicity for you and help a very good cause, Earthworks. Earthworks grow organic fruit and vegetables as well as having a stall at the market. It is run by people with learning disabilities, as we all know this sector has been underfunded for EVER. Earthworks have been our major charity for the nearly five years we have been here. Four years ago we managed to borrow a digger and clear some land for them to expand into, we have two raised beds of our own and when they are able I always buy what they have and put it on the menu. Most of the vegetables used on the cookery theatre on the high street for the St Albans and Harpenden Food and Drink awards used were from Earthworks.