blacklisted beer

Our beer Black Listed was tasted by the Editor of the Good Beer Guide and CAMRA’s Roger Protz on the Food Festival finale too, which was nerve racking to say the least. We teamed up with St Albans newest brewery Nick Farr and Matt Elvidge of Farr Brew to brew our own beer. More than happy to report he said it was delicious. I so wish I videoed the entire review but I remember standing there with Nick Farr with my mouth wide open waiting for the words from the Man of beer. Phew they were all good! After a thorough researching of beers we decided to go for something different. Our colours are interestingly, or not, Black and White so in keeping with this we decided to go for a black beer that would appeal to both beer drinkers and the forever shrinking non-beer drinking population. I have won more drinkers over to real ale and we have only had it Six Months, our beer is called Black Listed. It is a Black IPA 4.5% AVB which we call an IBA (Indian Black Ale) as its Black in colour as opposed to Pale. It looks like a stout or a porter but has an undoubtedly fresh IPA feel. The hops liven the taste buds and the darker malts give it the depth and crucial balance that gives all the parts of your tongue a work out. I long for the inevitable raise of the eyes brows after the first sip. It’s always a surprise as it doesn’t taste how it looks. Now having 8 real ales and serving them as good as it can be gives people the choice to find something they like. From light to dark, strong to week or Pale Ale to Porter, we have a good one waiting for you to be poured. You can even take away Black Listed in cans too!