beer lab

A kindness to the mind, love for every taste bud, true balance timing and strength with a consistency you can trust in your pint glass like your oldest friend. We shall open the Beer Lab with the locking of the entrance. Inside shall then be where ideas become the art of our Heritage and in time, we shall make our liquid sing. I look forward to the opening where we shall have our Beer Lab blessed by our very own St Albans Cathedrals Reverend Canon and Lord Richard Watson who will bless the beer lab. The grand opening will consist of a public blessing outside followed by entering the Beer Lab with the select few including Nick Farr and Matt Elvidge from Farr Brew and some of the YOFC team. He shall lock us in to begin our journey. Whilst inside we shall follow in the footsteps of generations on this site and in our countries true tradition we shall raise our glasses and drink beer and be merry. More details to follow.